By 2010 I had a growing conviction that I was experiencing symptoms of chronic Lyme Disease. The standard treatment offered by modern medicine was unacceptable to me on two counts. 1 - long term harsh synthetic drug therapies with mostly unsuccessful outcomes; 2 - an exorbitant price for my limited financial, uninsured status. So I decided to attend a four month training program in community herbalism at Pacific Rim College in Victoria, British Columbia with the aim of developing a plan for herbal self treatment. That choice proved perfect as I returned home with my one year treatment plan. Once back in Durham I immediately took a Lyme test which turned out positive and then began my herbal regimen that cost me a total of one dollar a day and eventually proved effective. 


     In 2011 I met North Carolina herbalist Suki Roth and we began what has turned out to be an eleven year collaboration. She invited me to work at as an assistant at her Herb Haven apothecary and garden near Saxapahaw and I invited her to join me as a teacher in my Tree Camp program. In the meantime I expanded my own herbal practice with further training in Ayurveda, the traditional medicine of South Asia. At present I'm eager to share my herbal experience and insight with anyone who desires to explore options in herbal treatment for acute or chronic illnesses. I provide this assistance at no fee. To arrange either an in-person or video consultation, I invite you to contact me by email me at  

Photo - Ready to process the Mucuna bean harvest at Herb Haven