"Align yourselves with natural energies of the Universe and hope for the best!"  That's wise advice from one of Riverdave's mentors, when asked what our response should be to the increasing challenges we all face with global climate change.

     One way to do that is to take your wedding vows under a Cosmic Tree! And fortunately, there are some great trees in our area ready to align their energies with us.  Riverdave, as an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church, has developed a simple and inspirational liturgy that he offers for this important moment in life.

     Cosmic tree wedding ceremonies, either simple or formal, can be easily arranged at the Eno River parklands, the Sarah P. Duke Gardens and in many other surrounding public natural areas and private retreat centers.  To discuss your plans, see Riverdave's Contact Info

     Photo by Riojosie:  Riverdave presides at wedding under a cosmic oak at Snipes Farm retreat center in the Haw River Valley, North Carolina