Exceptional Flora

By Riverdave Owen 

On the Occasion the 90th Birthday Celebration of Holger Olof Nygard

Cole Mill Rd,  Durham, NC 2/26/2011

Four score and ten a gentleman

Of rustic residence

Retired he dwells by river’s edge

As Duke Emeritus.

Rooted in Nordic motherland

Sprouting in Canada

A tree of diverse genesis

Exceptional flora.

The ballad is his breath of life

Teaching Anglo-Saxon

Himself a favored student of 

Savant Bertrand Bronson

He honors his Eno River

Blending literature

By launching local festival

With folklore and nature.

Of family he often speaks

Their lives flung far about

His wife resides in Valhalla

His children all stand out,

As fine artist, a businessman

Worker in public health

Protecter of our home state parks

His brood reflects his wealth.

Beyond these noble attributes

One further gift regard

Creator of community

Holger Olof Nygard ...