by Riverdave Owen

Recited at the Opening Ceremony of the Stop the Frack Attack Gathering

July 27, 2012 - St. Stephen and the Incarnation Episcopal Church, Washington, DC

Two ground hogs spoke inside their den

One Sunday afternoon

From all the racket down below

They could not be immune.

One asked, What right do frackers have

To suddenly impose

Such grinding, shaking discomfort

To our sweet earth repose?

His mate said, natural gas has formed

Deep underneath the ground  

They seem to lose all decency

Wherever it is found.

With climate change it’s grown too hot

To live with open doors

In order to survive the heat

They need a cheap fuel source. 

With indoor air conditioning 

They’ll make life cool and sweet

Surrounded with appliances

Their destiny complete!

But what happens, the groundhog asked

When methane rises up

And fills our den with smelly gas

Asphyxiating us?

His mate said philosophically 

I guess the human race

Will venture forth in future years

No fauna to embrace.

Inside their homes with thermostats

They’ll watch the evening news 

While drillers horizontally 

Extend their fracking screws.

But what’s the risk, the groundhog mused    

If methane spreads worldwide

And seeps inside those lovely homes  

With nowhere else to hide?

Fear not! The frackers have a plan

His mate said with a quip

The shareholders will take their cut

Then leave in their spaceship!

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