Healing Dreams
Riverdave’s Journal

        Many of you know that I have been experiencing chronic disruption and pain in my digestive and elimination systems since the beginning of 2008. The following is an account of events that have transpired over the past week that seem to have brought about the end of my troubles ...

        On 10/6/08 my wife Josie did extensive Thai massage focused on my abdominal region. Afterwards, that night, I had the following dream: “I am in my childhood house in Durham when a helicopter lands on our roof.  People jump out and enter the kitchen.  I am in bed, but get up and run down to the kitchen to find a team of twenty people trying to fix some problem with our plumbing.  They are busily discussing the matter, but I  tell them to halt so that I can explain to them what is really happening. I  state that there are spirits in the house.  But that we previously had lived in a house further up the hill and when we moved down to the present house, spirits from the first house followed us.  These spirits obstruct the main water shaft from the ground up through the bathroom into the kitchen. They are not life threatening, but they make life difficult without water.”

        A month later I received two emails from friends with a notice about a meeting on November 9th of the Chapel Hill Noetic Society where the focus of the evening would be on “healing dreams.”  Sensing that the subject was very relevant to my situation, I invited a hypnotist friend of mine, Betty Tew, to go with me because she and I had recently exchanged a couple of important dreams. At the meeting everyone was invited to share a significant dream with the group.  I shared my “plumbing” dream, and told the group that I felt that the dream may lead to a healing of a current internal illness that I had been experiencing for almost a year. I went to bed that night sensing a release of some kind had happened, just by having shared my dream with this group. 

        That night I had the following dream: “I am holding the hand of a small boy on a street in an urban area, looking upstream into a river.  We are preparing to get into a small boat when I notice that the river is now sending down a flood of rapidly rising water.  I grab the boy and the boat and we rush up to a nearby house and barge in the side door to get to safety.  From the living room window we watch the flood waters stream down the street.”

        I wrote my friend Betty that morning and shared my dream with her, asking if by chance, she also had experienced a significant dream that night.  She wrote back: “Hi Dave - Yes, I woke up in the middle of the night realizing that I had dreamed about you: You have a  pickup truck and it is stuck somehow, can't get it started or maybe it is just a tight parking space. I light three candles and then I get into the truck with you and somehow we get it turned around and rolling down a hill so we feel happy and free. It felt like a healing dream, in that the liberating feeling was nice. - Betty”

       As the day wore on, I noticed that the chronic pain in my lower body was gone. The next day I went to an appointment that I had made the week before with my shaman friend, Mara Bishop.  We drummed together and she journeyed for me, seeking relief from my problem. Still no return of my pain. 

        On the following evening my physician friend, Joanne Pizzino came by the house to give me an acupuncture treatment that we had also planned a week earlier. Still no return of my pain.

        At 5am the next morning I woke up to use the bathroom and felt something  shift internally with some accompanying slight pain.  At 7:30am I passed a five millimeter kidney stone. I felt immediate relief. I wrote my three  caring friends with the news, thanking them all for their part in my healing.  Betty wrote back with: “Wonderful!  I also wondered if the three candles meant in three days you would feel much better!”  But I was very impressed with the complementary work of my three caring friends.

        Now, exactly one week after sharing my dream with the Noetic group, I am still pain free for the first time in almost a year ...