by Riverdave Owen 

 The Wedding of Margaret and Linus

        Durham, NC May 26, 2012

The merging of two cosmic souls 

Is more than one plus one

From deep within the universe

Pure energies have come,                         

And arced across great distances

Of interstellar space

To bring together families

As bride and groom embrace.

To share in procreation is

Much more than one plus one

With incarnations from the past   

Still shimmering with sun,

We bow to gain their blessings as                  

They beckon from on high                         

The Spirits of our Ancestors                            

Are dancing in the sky!                                

To gaze into a lover’s eyes

Is more than one plus one

Behind her stands a father’s care

And he’s a mother’s son 

As generations passing on

Their life experience

Traditions root and legends grow

With rich significance.

To live each day in partnership

Is more than one plus one

With elders siblings cousins and

Their children on the run,

With members spread both near and far

We form the Owen clan

And welcome all the in-laws who

Have joined our caravan.

To live in Nature’s harmony

Is more than one plus one

Through Her divine economy

The couple’s work is done,

Where trees abound and all life forms

Are present free to roam

This is the full community

Our love our life our home ...

Photos by Riverdave:  My nephew Linus and his new bride Margaret with part of the "Owen clan" - Riverdave's three children Melody, Saliima & Yasmiin, their children and their partners ...