Durham native, Riverdave, attended Durham High School in the 1960s when the movement to protect the Eno River began to gather momentum.  When the Eno parklands took shape in the seventies and eighties, he worked as an ethnolinguist in Asia but honed his skills as a naturalist by exploring the Syrian-African Rift Valley.  In 1989 he returned to his hometown of Durham, North Carolina where he refocused his energies as a local naturalist and began his new Border Life along the Eno River.

      On Earth Day 1990 Riverdave formally launched, Wafting the Eno River,  a local environmental education program offering his community a remedy for the rapidly spreading modern malaise now known as nature deficit disorder. Since 2009, Riverdave has also evolved a second natural history program known as Tree Camp, a further remedy for nature deficit disorder.

Photo by Riojosie:  Riverdave ponders mysteries of the Angel's Trumpet at Durham's Tropical Butterfly Conservatory