by Riverdave 1/6/2011

To my father, Harry Ashton Owen,
who passed away on January 4, 2011 

Raised in rural Florida 

Lochloosa was his sea
But with the war moved up in rank
And sailed for Hawaii.

A man of steady sentiment
Sure footed on his way
He wavered little left or right
Exemplary display.

Always known to be practical
He shunned philosophy
But made himself available
Adept at charity.

Fishing was his choice pastime 
Achieving mastery
But for life's work he chose to teach
Electron theory.

Mentor to children and grandkids
For Phyllis sweet romance
Professor to Asian students
A global influence.

And though he traveled far and wide
Researcher in earnest
His course was set his faith was sure
Committed Methodist.

So sail on, Oh favored seaman
Beyond our horizon
You'll always be our helmsman
Harry Ashton Owen. 

Photos by RIverdave: Lake Lochloosa, Florida
My father was born in 1919 in the town of Hawthorne, at the northeast end of this beautiful natural lake.  On numerous occasions he took me there as a child, fishing together for speckled perch. 
Time is but the stream I go a fishing in ... Henry David Thoreau