Still Wanna Waft?

     I have recently had a number of requests, saying, "Riverdave, I know you no longer offer your guided river trips for the public, but I never got to go!"  Or, "A special friend is coming into town. Would you PLEASE take us out just this once?"  
     So I am finally relenting. YES, I will take out private wafting trips. I have saved three tandem inflatable kayaks and can take up to five people along with me on the millpond at West Point on the Eno Park in north Durham. The cost is $50/per person for two hours of guided wafting. 

     We'll watch for wildlife, study river flora and philosophize about the grand issues of life - ask Riverdave about climate change and his "methane hypothesis" which came to him as a direct revelation from the Eno River!  If it's a warm day we can also take a dip in the river. 

To see a photo stream of a 1995 wafting expedition: Wafting Photo Memoir

To plan a private wafting trip, please see my reservation page: Reservations
Photo: a flotilla of inflatable kayaks wafts the Eno River