By Riverdave Owen - February 2017

(Recited at the Durham Planning Commission 

meeting on February 14, 2017 in opposition 

to a zoning change proposal that would allow 

a "North River Village" development with a 

possible Publix grocery)

Two native crows perched on the roof

Of empty retail space

They tried to gauge what might come next

For such a forlorn place.


One asked his mate, I wonder if 

This spot could be of use

For those who wish to execute

That Guess Road market ruse?


Your right, my friend, the former said

The match is excellent

Why should they clear a forest grove

An act extravagant?



With ample asphalt on the ground

And finished walls erect

Commercial traffic everywhere

No zoning laws to wreck.


But what about, the former asked

The road to Roxboro

Where strip malls line up ticky tac

Not clearly apropos? 


The latter took a big deep breath

Then snickered with a grin

Let’s hope Guess Road will not parade

That same mistake again!


Such hustle, traffic, noise and lights

Are not the vibes we need

To raise our chicks in peace and calm

Is all that we’ve agreed.


The Eno holds our sense of place

Of modest means and faith

To change the zone for commerce sake

Would be to dissipate. 


The native crows then blurted out

Three caws with gratitude

For city planners safeguarding

Respect for Neighborhood …


Photo by Riverdave