First Option - Using the Piedmont Tree List (or mountain, Sandhills or coastal tree list) I will come to you and help you identify and inventory all the species of trees on your property. For example, on my own half acre property in North Durham, I have inventoried thirty species of native Piedmont Carolina trees.   

     Whether you own a small city lot or extensive rural acreage, this can be an important step in understanding your ecological address and for some even personal enlightenment! You will receive a print out of your tree inventory that can prove to be a cornerstone in your own understanding of local natural history and also be a valuable supporting document for your property.

      My rate for a property tree inventory is $95 for up to two hours of work. This is adequate time to cover most urban lots. I then charge $40 for each additional hour for larger rural properties. To view a sample completed urban tree inventory see: 3801 Shoccoree Drive


Second Option - Choose your favorite nearby green space, natural area or park, invite your friends and I will come and together we will inventory its trees, be it neighborhood, municipal or state park. The cost for a group of twelve tree campers is $20 per person for a two hour session. To set up a Tree Camp appointment, email me at




Feedback From Tree Campers:

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"Thank you, Riverdave, for walking the greenway nature trail around Piney Mountain neighborhood pond and helping us identify and label trees.  This has been an ambition of our Piney Mountain Neighborhood Grounds Committee for many years and, thanks to you, we have at last accomplished it." - Ed, President, Piney Mountain Homeowners Association, Orange County 

"Dear Riverdave - Learning about the native trees of the area through Tree Camp has enhanced my connection with nature and with my home.  Now I have gone one step further with a backyard Inventory.  This has been by far my most rewarding tree learning experience.  Thank you for walking my property with me and guiding the lesson and inventory and for introducing me to more than 35 species of kindred trees right in my own back yard." -  Mary, owner of five acres in Orange County


"Thanks for the inventory and tree identification lesson, Dave!  Even though it would be an understatement to say that my talents lie outside the world of botany, you were a very patient teacher and inspired me to learn more about our native trees.  I will look forward to walking the woods again with you soon." - Bes, owner of thirty-three acres in Caswell County

"Hi Riverdave, Thank you for coming to my home for the tree inventory.  Knowing the names of my trees makes them seem like family."  Dorothy, owner of a half acre lot in the Ellerbee Creek Watershed of  North Durham.

"Riverdave - My yard and neighborhood are not exactly the 'forest primeval' but they are precious to me.  Thank you so very much for helping me identify trees that I had wondered about for the twenty years that I have lived on the back road between Durham and Chapel Hill.  Now every time I take a walk, I see things in a new way.  I intend to have you come back in every season so I can get to know these nature friends in deeper ways.  Life is so busy that taking a moment of solace is a must for my sanity." - Kathy, Lochnora Neighborhood resident with a half acre lot backing up to Duke Forest.

"Riverdave - For years I’ve wanted to be on a 'first name' basis with each of the trees in my front and back yard, to know how unique each one is.  You introduced me to a dozen or more, carefully pointing out several characteristics that will help me remember their names. I knew I had more than just the ubiquitous local Pine and Sweet Gum trees.  With your visit and instruction, I now know to call the Winged Elm, White Ash, Shagbark Hickory, Persimmon, Willow Oak, Possum Haw, Black Gum, Virginia Pine, Red Oak, and Post Oak by each one’s 'first name' while appreciating its qualities and also wondering about its age and the story of how it began to grow right here. Thanks for introducing me to the 'neighbors in my yard', my variety of trees!" - Don, owner of a half acre urban lot in Durham County

"Thanks Riverdave for helping me learn the trees of my backyard forty acre farm.  There were several mystery trees on the farm I had tried to key out for years so it was fun to finally learn what they were.  And we found trees that I knew, like persimmon and black walnut, but in places I had never thought to look for them.  It was a delightful afternoon. - Marcia, 20 acres in Cedar Grove NC

"Thanks a lot Dave. I’ve already got the ivy cleared away from the small dogwood and the pignut hickory.  Didn’t know I had a forest of ash, but cut a lot of those small ones down this evening, so I can enjoy seeing the large ones grow.  I’d like to work on a tree plan and preserve the nicer native ones I have and hopefully avoid more pine beetles.  Possibly in a year, I might want another consultation and get your feedback on what I’ve done." -  Bill, owner of a half acre lot in Durham County