TROPICAL TREE CAMP - Part Two (Part One not a prerequisite)
The Medicinal Plants of India and South Asia
January 31, 2017; 1:30 - 3:30 PM (register through Olli at Duke)
Magic Wings Tropical Butterfly Conservatory
NC Museum of Life and Science
Durham, North Carolina
Riverdave Owen
home telephone - 919-489-2934 
     This is part two of my Tropical Tree Camp program at the Magic Wings Tropical Butterfly Conservatory, Durham's giant indoor greenhouse.  In part one we worked with the New World plants of Tropical America.  In this second offering we will focus on the Old World plants of South Asia.  Riverdave has studied with three teachers of Ayurveda, the traditional medicine of India and has adopted its major premises as a template for his own practice of community herbalism.   
     In the opening fifteen minutes of our time, I will introduce the traditional Indian concept of constitutional analysis. Each participant will have the opportunity to consider a brief questionnaire that will provide clues to determine one's own psychophysical constitution, stated in terms of a balance of the elements of wind, fire and water.   All students are encouraged to begin this challenge as a pre-class assignment:  Constitution Questionnaire 
    "Enlightened" by this "Eastern" tool for personal discovery, we will then venture forth into the tropical conservatory to focus on a dozen plants that have a history of traditional medicinal use in Ayurveda.  Each plant will be appreciated in terms of its Sanskrit name, native range, part of plant used, taste, quality, constitutional effect and healing properties.     

(Selected from over 380 species of plants in the Butterfly House)
     Bamboo, Betel Pepper, Castor Bean, Cardamom, Coco de Mer, Curry Tree, Fishtail Palm, Ginger, Golden Apple, Hibiscus, Jackfruit, Ixora and Starfruit
Photo by Riverdave:  Oil from the Castor Bean is recommended in Ayurveda to balance wind in the intestinal tract in the treatment of constipation, massaged into joints to alleviate arthritis and given to women in labor to facilitate childbirth.
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